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SINCE 1935
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The rigorous selection of the Sunni milk and our careful work perfectly combine technology and tradition, creating "The Abbot's Cheese", one preserving and evoking flavors of which was lost the memory.

SINCE   1935

Our story begins in 1935 with our  grandfather Domenico, founder of Iaquilat, a small family-run workshop.
Under the guidance of one of the sons, Joseph,  until the mid-90s, Iaquilat expands, but preserves the specificities of the family business.
Iaquilat , today, run by Dominico's grandchildren, is a company with twenty-five employees engaged in that pursuit that drove grandfather Domenico to open the first small laboratory and in whose name he continues to operate.


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The dairy tradition of southern Italy and the desire to innovate, promotes the birth of  "Grottone ®", a stretched curd cheese semi-hard occhiato or peeled, unmistakable aroma of toasted hazelnuts, sweet and traditional wrap-around seasoning in the tufa caves.

the milk
For centuries milk has been  one of the products of Sannio's excellence, an ancient land enclosed between the valleys of the rivers Sangro, Volturno, Biferno and Trigno. Fresh milk, distributed under the brand of " Old Dairy Sannita", is collected daily at the stables of the selected farms  spread all over the territory and in other areas of Campania.
The excellence of the product is the result of a careful control process that guarantees authenticity and quality. Using only milk "High Quality" (DM 185).
The main factors that determine the value of our milk are:
  • the outmost respect and attention for the living conditions of the animals;
  • attention to their diet: pasture, forage, water;
  • the many examinations submitted;
  • the processing of the raw material in the best hygienic conditions and milking under aseptic conditions;
  • the fast and careful workmanship post milking filtration and immediate refrigeration or the transporting to the establishments within 4 hours from  milking in disinfected and sterilized tanks;
  • the product is on the market just a few hours after production to ensure the highest quality and freshness.
About our milk, we can say that is a  real local culture, because all the components get to the final product  expressed at the highest levels.

the territory
The Sannio, Benevento area: mountains, rivers and fertile valleys
The Sannio is a geographical central-southern region, among the Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Lucania and Puglia, with a rich history and populated by the Samnites, legendary people among the most feared by the Romans with whom they will face several times, (the Samnite wars), for the South Italian rule.
The traces left by the Romans then throughout the territory are remarkable demonstrating that the region, for its climatic and geographical characteristics, lent itself to accommodate the settlements, so much  that over the centuries have passed through various foreign domination.
Normans, Swabians and Angevins were suposed to pass by only, instead,they settled and reigned with : buildings, villages, rock caves are signs of splendor and changing fortunes, wealth and splendor, as well as famine and hard time
Roads, bridges, buildings and sacred monuments, the new  homes are located in the same places of the past. As the mountain is tempered to the plain, so  man mingles with nature and with his past. This is a land to cover and to  be  lived, slowly. Among its valleys, it can be felt two thousand years of history.
Currently, we mean by that part of the ancient Sannio, territory now falling in the Benevento Province but that also touches a slice of the high Caserta.
Almost equidistant from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, the area is hilly , with some major peaks, crossed by rivers and fertile valleys, has a strong agricultural tradition which is expressed mainly in the grapevines, in the olivegroves and in the pasture.
These rural traditions have been preserved over in time, albeit innovating in procedures to search for a consistent product of high quality, because today represents the best guarantee of genuineness and goodness for the consumers.
On these lands we continue to raise our cattle, and from these lush pastures comes the fresh milk that is processed daily to grow in a healthy way "new gladiators".

Our cheese factory and our farmers, have joined the QRcode Campania project for maximum transparency and security.

Other details for the controls are:

Laboratory Niro Campobasso

Institute Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Mezzogiorno, Tuoro (CE)

our bank
Some people keep in vaults gold and precious stones, who puts the furs in refrigerated area to prevent them to be  ruined ....
For us,  Iaquilat is the most valuable asset as for all   our products, we keep them in cellars at controlled temperature to ensure perfect state of aging and optimal expression of the organoleptic characteristics.


Prodotti Freschi
fresh products

Our products cover the whole range of machining operations that can be performed in a cheese factory:
fior of mozzarella, fior of vascone milk, fresh cheese of first salt, smoked provola, ricotta cheese, fresh  amphitheater pasta with grottone cheese and truffle, amphitheater fresh pasta with grottone cheese and annurca apple IGP,  amphitheater fresh pasta  with grottone cheese and black pork meat of Caserta, amphitheater fresh pasta with grottone cheese  and Marche's beef meat IGP ...

Prodotti Semistagionati
semi-mature products

Our products cover the whole range of machining operations that can be performed in a cheese factory:
red spotted cow cheese, cow cheese of the ancient walls, white dried scamorza, smoked dried scamorza, dried  filled scamorza, Provelette sweet baby ...

Please request the technical specifications of the produc
Prodotti Stagionati
seasoned products

Our products cover the whole range of machining operations that can be performed in a dairy factory:
caciocavallo cheese, caciocavallo cheese with truffles, caciocavallo cheese with chillipepper, sheep's cheese samnite-reserve, grottone and  smoked grottone ...

C.da San Vincenzo
82030 – San Salvatore Telesino (BN) - ITALIA
Tel.: +39 0824 947017
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Email: info @ iaquilat.it
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