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It is a type of fresh pasta filata that, thanks to its particular malleability, can be worked easily without being broken and can take different shapes: roundish, nodino, cherry or nibble, braid.

Grottone Cream

Among the excellent products could not miss the cream of grottone, a delicious cream suitable to spread on croutons and bread.
Good to eat even alone, with a full and soft consistency, it contains the intense and enveloping flavor of the Grottone

Milk Cream

It is a type of fresh pasta filata, made with whole cow’s milk with the same technique used for buffalo mozzarella but with a firmer consistency.
It has a stronger taste and a marked flavor. The fiordilatte is eaten fresh to the natural, often accompanied by ham or salad, or you can cook in different recipes. Typical recipe is the caprese in which it is accompanied by tomatoes seasoned with oregano, basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Fresh First Salt Cheese

Primo Sale is a fresh table cheese. Raw and whole milk is made to curdle, compressed into shapes (round or rectangular), sometimes adding rucola or chilli, and then left to harden.
The result is a cheese with a white porcelain color, soft and compact consistency, grainy and with a slight eye. Like other soft cheeses, it has a delicate taste where the taste of milk stands out.

Latte Antica Latteria, a whole Sannita chain

From daily milking to selected and controlled farms, to transport within four hours at the bottling plant, to immediate distribution at our sales points. All the goodness and all the freshness of a long tradition arrives on the tables.
Available in full High Quality, an excellent source of nutrition based on phosphorus and calcium and partially skimmed for those who love the lightness of milk reducing the intake of fat and cholesterol but keeping the daily protein content unchanged

Pasta Anfiteatro

From the usual attention, together with the tradition and experience of expert pasta makers, born Eccellenze Sannite, the Pasta Anfiteatro. Prepared by hand and carefully packaged to keep intact the flavors and aromas of its inviting fillings.
To the characteristic taste of the grottone joins the sweetness of meligreen igp, the penetrating scent of the truffle, the taste of tender and fine Marche meat and finally the taste of the rediscovered traditional tradition of the black pig of Caserta.

Smoked provola

From the ancient origins of the traditional dairy of Campania, the smoked provola has a soft and buttery consistency, its processing similar to that of mozzarella, distinguishes it for its brown color given by smoking and the smooth and shiny surface.
The provola lends itself as a table cheese and numerous uses in the kitchen: it can be cooked to create very different recipes: in lasagna, in various types of baked pasta, in eggplant parmigiana or on pizza, in quiches and savory pies. of any kind.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is one of the freshest and best products of our dairy tradition: it is not obtained from milk, but from the annealing of the whey after having finished the production phase of the cheese. Very rich in protein and with very few fats.
It is a very versatile product because it is suitable for sweet or savory preparations. Soft, creamy, with a delicate taste, it can boast a low nutritional caloric content.


Stracciatella is a stretched curd cheese “shredded” by hand and added with fresh cream that makes it creamy.

The Stracciatella has no rind, is straw-white in color and its texture is very soft and creamy, so much so that it recalls the appearance of a “double cream”. The flavor, on the other hand, is savory, delicate and sweet, especially in the freshly packaged fresh product, and recalls the taste of milk and live lactic ferments.


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