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Our products cover the full range of processes that can be carried out in a dairy


Among the oldest and most typical pasta filata cheeses of Southern Italy, caciocavallo is produced with only cow’s milk, with a sweet taste, until it becomes spicy with its maturing.
It has a straw yellow color on the outside and less load on the inside. Its pleasant and aromatic taste can be enhanced by cooking on the grill, known as “hanged”, a typical tradition in moments of celebration and never abandoned in our territory.

Caciocavallo with Truffle

Spun-dough cheese made from cow’s milk from selected farms and enriched with the precious Summer Black Truffle from Acqualagna (PU).

Caciocavallo with Chilli

Spun dough cheese made from cow’s milk from selected farms and enriched with chilli


Semi-hard spun dough cheese, glazed or peeled from the unmistakable aroma of toasted hazelnuts and the sweet and enveloping taste typical of maturing in the tuffaceous caves.

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