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Milk has always been one of the products of excellence of the Sannio, an ancient land enclosed between the valleys of the rivers Sangro, Volturno, Biferno and Trigno. The fresh milk distributed under the brand name Antica Latteria Sannita is collected daily at the stables of the selected breeding farms located in this area and in other areas of the Campania region.

The excellence of the product is the result of a careful control process that guarantees genuineness and quality. Only 'High Quality` milk is used (DM 185).

The main factors that determine the goodness of our milk are:

- respect and attention to the living conditions of the animals;
- attention to their feeding: pastures, fodder, water;
- the numerous checks to which they are subjected;
- processing of the raw material in optimal hygienic conditions and milking in aseptic conditions;
- fast and careful post-milking processing: filtration and immediate refrigeration, or transport to the plant within 4 hours from milking in disinfected and sterilized tanks;
- the release of the product on the market a few hours after production to guarantee maximum quality and freshness.

For our milk we can talk about a real local culture, because all the components put in place to get the final product are expressed at the highest levels.

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