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Do you keep the cheeses in the fridge? Attention, only the fresh ones, such as ricotta and mozzarella should be kept in the fridge, the others it is better to keep them in a cellar. If you do not have a cellar and you are obliged to put them in the fridge, follow these 3 precious indications.

Film on the cheese? No!

One of the most common errors is to wrap the cheeses in the transparent film, too bad that the film does not let the cheese breathe and that it could alter its flavor. For mature and hard or semi-hard cheeses use an aluminum foil on the side of the cut and then greaseproof paper on everything else. The soft cheeses instead should be wrapped in baking paper and then placed in a container with hermetic closure. The mozzarella should be left in its liquid until it is completely consumed. Gorgonzola, on the other hand, must be wrapped in foil, even better if it has no crust so that its strong odor is reduced, which could contaminate other foods in the refrigerator.


At what temperature store the cheeses?

Have you ever wondered at what temperature is it good to keep the cheeses? Those fresh cheeses are better preserved at a temperature of about 2-4 degrees, those aged cheeses instead of 12-12 degrees, others at 6-8 degrees. To prevent them from coming into contact with too much humidity, the compartment where the fruit is stored can be one of the most suitable solutions. They should never be placed in the freezer.

With the vacuum the cheese lasts longer

The vacuum prolongs the duration of the cheese, do not hesitate to use this technique if you can do it, but only for hard cheeses, for others it is not indicated because it would alter its characteristics. Why does the vacuum work? Because removing oxygen is significantly reduced the possibility that mold or bacteria develop.

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